About Our Transportation Company

Balkan Trans Albania is an international Transport Company established in Tirana-Albania in 1992 which provides a full range of National/International Freight Forwarding, Logistic and Port Services.


Recently, the adverse effects of external forces have affected the cargo transport market. Nevertheless, road cargo transportation has kept its leading positions in the segment.

Several factors cause the high volumes of freight transportation by road.

Trucks can make efficient deliveries 24 hours a day regardless of airport, railway, and port operating schedules. Balkan Trans Albania clients enjoy all the advantages of intercity and international road freight transportation. For over 23 years, our specialists have developed optimal routes in the Balkans. They take into consideration the individual needs of clients and provide transportation in strict conformity with agreed terms at the best prices

Multifunctional transportation management has been one of Balkan Trans Albania’s top service offerings since. We serve customers of all sizes, from individual traders, to multinational manufacturers and importers.

Multifunctional transportation can be defined as the cargo of each volume that is shipped along with the cargo of other customers before being delivered to the end recipients as part of the group portion.

Multifunctional transportation involves consolidating several small shipments from different shipments into one vehicle bound for the same destination. Balkan Trans Albania helps its customers enjoy all the advantages of international group cargo.

Our employees analyze customer needs and cargo characteristics, optimize shipping routes and estimate costs. Balkan Trans Albania delivers all goods in strict compliance with the agreed deadlines, regardless of the geography of shipments.

The international group Balkan Trans Albania provides a full range of logistics and transport services for the distribution of different types of cargo to customers from the transport industry. This includes rail stock, air and sea shipping.

In the transport production market, there is a sustained upward trend. Each year, large industrial enterprises increase production volumes, open new markets, and increase import and export volumes.

Such a fast-growing industry requires optimized supply chains that can withstand high supply volumes and stringent customer demand.

Only the Best


100% Albanian

It is a company with 100% of Albanian capital and it is the first company in Albania so far


International Certification

In 2008 is has been certified with ISO-Italy for best qualification on freight and passengers transport worldwide certification Nr. IT-56281 Code EA31a.


30- Year Experience

Having a 30-year experience already in this industry, Balkan Trans with its headquarter in Tirana-Albania, stretches its activity in Greece, Kosovo and Macedonia.

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Among all the marvels of modern invention, that with which I am most concerned is, of course, transportation.