The very favorable geographical position makes the port of Durres the largest port in Albania and among the largest in the Adriatic and Ionian seas, and a very important node for the international market. The port of Durres is located in th
e southwest of Durres in the northern part of the bay of the same name.

Its operational infrastructure consists of 11 piers with a pier depth ranging from 5.6m – 11.2m. The main goods processed at the port are general goods, cereals, containers, ferries, minerals, etc. The port of Durres currently has 78% of sea trade nationally. The Port of Durres is also a key location for ferry networks and passenger transit, giving Durres a strategic position in relation to Corridor VIII, which will facilitate the transit of passengers and goods across the European continent.

Low operating costs, motivated management team and quality services are some of the values ​​that characterize the port of Durres.

It is about 18km long from north to south, with a coastline of about 7km to the east. To the west of the waterline, the depth is more than 10m. The port of Durres is well-protected by north-west winds from Lalz bay as well as by east and southeast winds coming from the ground.

The port is also protected from east and west by waves. The port is located east of the Durres Cape, which provides shelter from the east to the north-west and the main dam, which is built in the southeast direction from the coast, pushes that shelter to the south. Two molar ripples protect the harbor, the eastern one was built 549m long South-West stone and the south being built with 915m long cement blocks extending to the southeast and east. The blowing winds are south, southwest, north and northwest at speeds of 60-110km / h the bay provides a safe anchorage for ships waiting to be processed at the port.

Other features:

Average salt content 37%
37m-0.94m tide and reflux
Monthly temperature min / max 0 ° c / 37 ° c
Average annual air temperature 18 ° C
Average monthly relative humidity 58% 69%