Accord European Nation du transport international des marchandise Dangereux par Route

AN (U. S.)

Arrival Notice: U.S. equivalent of an ANF

ANF (Europe)

Arrival Notification Form Advice to Consignee of goods coming forward

ATA Carnet (Europe)

Admission Temporaire Temporary Admission An ATA Carnet makes the Customs clearance of certain temporary importations and exportations easier.

Ad Valorem

(literally) “according to the value” An Ad Valorem freight rate is one where freight is based on the value of the goods. An Ad Valorem Bill of Lading is one where the value of the goods is shown on the face of the document, which value becomes the Carrier’s limit of liability, in return for the payment of a freight surcharge

Athens Convention

International convention governing Carrier’s liability for Passengers and their baggage.


Bunker Adjustment Factor Freight adjustment factor to reflect current cost of bunkers.


Bill of Exchange A forward dated undertaking to pay prepared by the debtor and signed by the creditor to acknowledge debt and date payment due. Used in Documentary Credits to allow period of credit.


British International Freight Association Trade Association of British Freight Forwarders Baltic and International Maritime Council A Danish based organisation to which many shipowners belong that represents their interests and assists by preparing standard charter parties and other shipping documents and providing other advisory services.


Bill of Lading Acts as a receipt for goods, contains the terms of the contract of carriage and is usually a document of title to the goods

B/L Ton

Bill of Lading Ton The greater weight or measurement of goods where 1 ton is either 1000 kilos or 1 cubic metre (Also called Freight Ton).


British Shippers Council


British Standards Institution The authorised body for the preparation of national standards in the U.K.


An “Electronic” Bill of Lading project


Colloquial name for container.


A standard B1MC0 time charter for containerships.

Break-Bulk Cargo

Goods shipped loose in the vessel’s hold and not in a container…


Currency and Bunker Adjustment Factor A combination of CAF and BAR


Currency Adjustment Factor Freight adjustment Factor to reflect currency exchange fluctuations.

CAP (Europe)

Common Agricultural Policy EC Policy relating to agricultural produce.


Containerbase One of a group of UK Container Freight Stations.


Customs Co-operation Council. The forum for international co-operation between Customs authorities in an attempt to provide harmony and uniformity of approach.


Collection and Delivery Carriage from/to Customer’s premises to/from CFS.

C&E (U.IC.)

Customs and Excise CEFIC European Chemical Industry Council


Council of European & Japanese National Shipowners’ Associations


Cost and Freight A conventional / port-to-port INCOTERM term of sale. (More correctly known as CFR)


Container Freight Station. Place for packing and unpacking LCL consignments. Variously known as C/Bs (in U.K.), Depots (Australia), and ICI’s (U.K. and the Indian Subcontinent)


Customs Freight Simplified Procedures A paperless simplified clearance procedure currently undergoing trials with selected parties.


Cost and Freight A conventional / port-to-port only INCOTERM term of sale. (More popularly referred to as C&F).


Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight. Customs computer system to handle clearance procedures.


Cost Insurance Freight A conventional port-to-port only INCO’TERM term of sale

CIM (Europe)

Convention Internationale concernant le transport des Marchandises par chemin de fer. International convention on Carriage of Goods by Rail


Carriage and Insurance paid to A new Combined Transport INCOTERM replacing CIF where CT is involved but applicable to all modes of transport. Particularly appropriate for Combined Transport


Comite Maritime International An international committee of maritime lawyers.

CMR (Europe)

Conventional relative au contrat transport international des Marchandises par Route. International convention on carriage of Goods by Road


Carriage of Goods by Sea Act IU.K.I COGSA 1971 = Hague Visby Rules (see Section 8 A(ii)) COGSA 1992 = Rights of Suit against Carrier (see Section 6 B(v)) (IU.S.) COGSA 1936 = Hague Rules

COT (U.K.)

Customer’s Own Transport Customer collects from / delivers to CFS/CY

COTIF (Europe)

Convention Concerning International carriage by Rail


Clip on Unit Portable refrigeration units or Central Operating Unit Body set up to co-ordinate consortium operations in a trade.


Carriage Paid to A new Combined Transport INCOTERM replacing CFR where CT is involved but applicable to all modes of transport Particularly appropriate for Combined Transport

CRN (U.K.)

Customs Registered Number. A number allocated by C&E to an exporter or agent (Freight Forwarder) for use when exports are to be entered under the SCP.


Container Safety Convention International convention for safe containers


Combined Transport Carriage by more than one mode of transport against one contract of carriage.


Combined Transport Document The CTO’s Bill of Lading.


Combined Transport Operator A Carrier who contracts as a principal to perform a CT operation.


Cleared Without Examination Cleared by Customs without inspection.


Container Yard Collection and Distribution point for loaded FCL and empty containers.

Certificate of Origin

Document certifying the country of origin of goods which is normally issued or signed by a Chamber of Commerce or Embassy.


Term used to describe hold configuration of purpose built containerships equipped with cell guides into which containers fit.

Classification Clause

ICC Insurance clause listing Clause criteria for vessels on which automatic cargo insurance cover applies at standard rates.

Clean B/L

Closing Date

Last date on which export goods can be accepted for a nominated sailing.


Organisation of a group of lines operating in one trade who agree to operate a common tariff.


A group of CTO’s who agree to rationalise sailings in a trade and carry each others’ containers.

Container Service

(see THC)

D (U.S.)



Delivered at Terminal

DAN (U.K.)

Deferment Approval Number An account held by a trader with HMC & E to which duty & VAT are debited direct.


Delivered at Place of Destination


Delivered Duty Paid. An INCOTERM term of sale applicable to all modes of transport


Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions

DGN (U.K.)

Dangerous Goods Note


Documentation & Revenue System The P&O Nedlloyd Commercial and Financial System to facilitate speedy reponse to Customers’ commercial requirements.


Department of Trade and Industry Government Department with responsibility for trade matters.


Direct Trader Input Procedure for Customs entry Clearance

Data Logger

Electronic temperature recording device for refrigerated ontainers.

Delivery Order

A document authorising delivery to a nominated party of goods in the care of a third party. Can be issued by a Carrier on surrender of a Bill of Lading and then used by Merchant to transfer title by endorsement.


Charge raised for detaining FCL container/trailer at a CFS for longer period than provided in Tariff.

Depot Detention

A CFS Charge raised for detaining container/ trailer at Customer’s premises for longer period than provided in Tariff.

Doc. Credit

Documentary Credit The basis of international trade by means of which payment is made against surrender of specified documents.

Document of Title Dock Receipt (U.S.)

Acknowledgement of receipt of goods/ container at Pier incorporating Bill of Lading terms from time of receipt


Terminology for CT movement


Repayment of duty upon re-exportation of goods previously imported.

ECG (U.K.)

Export Credits Guarantee Insurance on goods shipped against non-payment by reason of commercial and J or political risks as arranged.


Electronic Commerce Project


European Community Shipowners Association


Export Cargo Shipping Instruction. Shipping Instructions from Shipper to Carrier.


European Currency Unit A financial unit used for EC accounting.


Electronic Data Interchange The transfer of structured data from one computer system to another.


EDI For Administration, Commerce and Transport Organisation responsible to UNECE for the development of standard EDI messages for Administration, Commerce and Transport.


An organisation for exchanging data between Carriers and Merchants by electronic means.


Electronic Data Processing Computer processing of Data.


Equipment Handover Agreement Agreement acknowledging condition signed when taking over Carrier’s equipment and returning it, which incorporates terms of contract under which equipment is taken over.

EPU (U.K.)

Entry Processing Unit Customs office that processes Customs entries


European National Shippers Councils.


Estimated Time of Arrival.


Estimated Time of Departure


Ex Works An INCOTERMS term of sale applicable to all modes of transport

Electronic Commerce

The presently preferred term for trading with EDI

Export > Export

Declaration U.S. Customs Service Form Licence Governmental document authorising export of restricted goods.


Freight All Kinds System whereby freight is charged per container, irrespective of nature of goods, and not according to a Tariff.


Free Alongside Ship A conventional / port-to-port only INCOTERM term of sale


Free Carrier (named place) A new Combined Transport INCOTERM replacing FOB where CT is involved, but applicable to all modes of transport. Particularly appropriate for Combined Transport


Full Container Load Arrangement whereby Shipper utilises all the space in a container which he packs himself.


For Further Instructions Used in Place of Delivery box if final destination uncertain at time of shipment, e.g. Barking Containerbase FFI.


Free In Out + Stow Shipper pays for loading, stowing and discharging.


Federal Maritime Commission US Federal Authority governing sea transport.


Free On Board A conventional / port-to-port only INCOTERM term of sale


Container with built in forced ventilation.

Feeder Vessel

A short-sea vessel used to fetch and carry goods and containers to and from deep sea vessels.

Flat Rack

A container consisting of a base and two ends but no sides or roof.


Polythene bag to allow bulk liquids and powders to be carried in G.Ps

Force Majeure

Circumstances beyond the control of either party to a contract.


The amount payable for the carriage of goods. Sometimes also used to describe the goods themselves which are better described as cargo in marine transportation.

Freight Broker

The Carrier’s Agent

Freight Forwarder

The Merchant’s Agent

Freight Ton

The tonnage on which freight is charged (also called B/L Ton).


General Average


General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. An international multilateral agreement embodying a code of practice for fair trading in international commerce.

GO (U.S.)

General Order Issued by U.S. Customs as notice of intention to seize goods.


General Purpose container


Consolidation of several LCL consignments into a container.

Groupage Agent

One who consolidates LCL consignments to offer to a Carrier as an FCL.


High Cube Containers 9 ft 6 ins high instead of usual 8 ft 6 ins.


Half Height An OT container only 4 ft 3 ins high.


Heavy Lift

HMC (U.K.)

Her Majesty’s Customs

HMC&E (U.K.)

Her Majesty’s Customs & Excise


Hazardous & Noxious Substances An international convention which was agreed at a diplomatic conference in 1996

Hague Rules

1924 International Convention on Carriage of Goods by Sea

Hague-Visby Rules

1968 Revision of Hague Rules

Hamburg Rules

1978 UNCTAD revision of Hague Rules

Haulier (U.K.)

A road transport operator (a trucker in U.S.)


Terminology for a CT movement

Hub & Spoke

The way of describing modern containerised operations whereby large containerships call at a restricted number of major (hub) ports to or from whence containers are carried to/from minor ports by feeder services (spokes).


Intervention Board for Agricultural Produce Authority monitoring application of CAP

ICC (Europe)

International Chamber of Commerce A Paris-based international forum that aims to facilitate trade (See UCP & Incoterms Sections 1 and 3).

ICC (U.S.)

Interstate Commerce Commission The U.S. governmental body to regulate interstate trade.

ICC (Ins)

Institute Cargo Clauses The Institute of London Underwriters standard clauses for cargo insurance.


Inland Clearance Depot A CFS with Customs Clearance Facilities


International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code The 1M0 recommendations for the carriage of dangerous goods by sea.


International Maritime Organisation The UN Body charged with the duty of making safety and anti-pollution conventions and recommendations concerning sea transport.


International Rules for the Interpretation of Trade Terms. A list (currently 13) of standardterms for foreign trade contracts compiled by ICC. Current edition is 1990


International Standards Organisation National Standard Bodies responsible, inter alia, for setting standards for container construction.

Inherent Vice

Those properties of certain goods which lead to their arrival in damaged condition without accident or negligence e.g. unprotected steel will “weather”, bales of rubber stick together, copra is almost invariably infested.


Refrigerated container with own machinery


Letter of Credit The document in which the terms of a Documentary Credit transaction are set out.


Less than Container Load A parcel of goods too small to fill a container which is grouped by the Carrier at a CFS with other compatible goods for the same destination.


Local Export Control A system of clearing export containers at Exporter’s premises.


Letter of Indemnity Sometimes used to allow Consignee to take delivery of goods without surrendering B/L which has been delayed or become lost.

LIC (U.K.)

Local Import Control A system of clearing import containers at Importer’s premises.


International Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims A 1976 limitation convention enacted in the UK by the Merchant Shipping Act 1979


Lloyds Open Form 1995 A standard form of salvage agreement


Lift-On/Lift Off A containership onto which and from which containers are lifted by crane (as opposed to Ro-Ro).

Latent Defect

A defect not obvious from cursory inspection


A right to retain goods and documents against payment of charges etc. due but unpaid


Vessel plying a regular trade/ defined route against a published sailing schedule.

Liner Terms

Freight includes the cost of loading onto and discharging from the vessel.




Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food


Maritime Law Association


Multi Modal Operator


Merchant Shipping Acts


Empty An empty container or Multimodal Transport


Multimodal Transport Document


Multimodal Transport Operator Same as MMO.


List of goods (or passengers) on a vessel.

Measurement Ton

I cubic metre One of the alternative bases of reight Tariff

Multimodal Transport

The UNCTAD preferred term for what we call Combined Transport


National Association of Warehouse Keepers


Non Vessel-Owning/Operating (Common) Carrier A Carrier issuing Bs/L for carriage of goods on vessels which he neither owns nor operates.

Notify Party

Party to whom ANF is sent.

O (U.S)

(Ocean) Port


Overheight A container/flat rack with goods protruding above the top of the corner posts.


Out of Gauge Goods whose dimensions exceed those of the container/flat rack in which they are packed.

OPA 90

Oil Pollution Act 1990 A U.S. act with very onerous provisions covering all vessels trading to/from USA.


Open Top A container with tarpaulin covered open roof.


Overwidth A container with goods protruding beyond the sides of the container/flat rack onto which they are packed.

P (U.S.)



Particular Average Partial accidental loss or damage (as opposed to Total Loss or General Average)


Port Health Authority

P&I Club

Protection and Indemnity Association Carrier’s mutual liability insurer.


Place of Acceptance Where the goods are received for transit and Carrier’s liability commences. Now more usually called a POR.


Place of Delivery Where goods are delivered and Carrier’s liability ceases or Proof of Delivery A signed receipt acknowledging delivery.


Place of Receipt (See POA above).

P to P (U.K.)

Port to Port

P to P (U.S.)

Pier to Pier

Particular Charges

also known as Special Charges.

Partlow Chart

Paper disc recording chart for refrigeration temperatures.


Terminology for a CT movement

Poincare Franc

Fictitious gold franc originally used amongst other things to assess Carrier’s liability in an inflation-proofed manner in Hague Visby Rules. Now largely replaced by SDRs.


Insulated container relying on external source of cold air.

Principal Carrier

The Carrler issuing a CTD (regardless of whether or not goods are carried on his own, a third party’s or a consortium member’s vessel).

R (U.S.)



Received for Shipment


Release Note Receipt signed by Customer acknowledging delivery of goods.


Roll On-Roll Off A ferry type vessel onto which goods and containers can be driven, usually via a ramp.



Removal Note(U.K.)

Indicates goods clear of Customs

SAD (U.K.)

Single Administrative Document Customs Declaration Form for both import and export cargo


Straight Consignment Automatic Release

SCP (U.K.)

Simplified Clearance Procedure A simplified clearance procedure, under which Exporters of goods not requiring special control may submit an abbreviated Customs pre-entry or an approved commercial document at the time of export and provide the full statistical information after the goods are exported.


Special Drawing Rights The mean of a basket of currencies designed to “iron out” currency exchange fluctuations in international valuations. (Now used to express limitation in the Hague Visby Rules and MSA Limitation Convention etc.).


Simpler Trade Procedures Board


Shipped On Board Endorsement on a Bill of Lading confirming loading of goods on vessel.


Standard Shipping Note


Said to Contain


Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications.

Salvage Shipper

The person tendering goods for carriage Not to be confused with the party issuing the B/L or the vessel operator who is the Carrier.


Goods not carried on intended vessel.


Space on board a vessel occupied by a container.


A standard BIMCO slot charter for containerships.

Special Charges

also known as Particular Charges. Standard Trading Conditions The terms under which any company contracts for any services to Customers not covered by the Bill of Lading

Straight Bill of Lading

A term for a non negotiable Bill of Lading. In the U.S. the Fomerene Act governs its operation.

Stuffing/ Stripping

The action of packing/unpacking a container.


Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit eg. 1 x 40ft = 2 TEU 1 x 20ft = 1 T’EU


Terminal Handling Charge A charge for handling FCLs at ocean terminals. Also known as a Container/Port Service Charge.

TIR (Europe)

Transports International Routiers A system involving the issue of a carnet to road hauliers which allows loaded vehicles to cross national frontiers with minimum Customs formalities.

TIR (U.S.)

Trailer Interchange Receipt Receipt to Shipper delivering a loaded export container to a terminal.


Transhipment Transfer from one vessel to another for oncarriage.


Through Transport Operator A Carrier who contracts to carry goods (only part of which carriage he undertakes himself) on the basis that he is a principal whilst the goods are in his personal care and an agent only whilst they are not.


Container for bulk liquids.


Terms, conditions and scale of charges.


Port at which containers are loaded/unloaded onto/from container vessels.


2240 lbs


1000 kilos

Trem Card Trucker

Transport Emergencies Card (U.S.) A road transport operator (a haulier in the UK).


Movement of containers between Terminals and CFSs/CYs.

UCC (U.S.)

Uniform Commercial Code


Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits The “Bankers Bible” on Documentary Credit interpretation issued by the ICC (Brochure no. 500 operating from 1 st January 1994)


United Nations


United Nations Commission on International Trade and Law


Uncontainerable Goods which, because of their dimensions, cannot be containerised and which are therefore carried other than in a container.


United Nations Conference on Trade and Development


UNCTAD Multi Modal Transport Convention


Acts as a receipt for the goods and evidence of the contract of carriage, but is not a document of title

York/Antwerp Rules

Rules relating to the adjustment of G.A. Present draft is 1994